Offset Print

Large-scale Printing

A leaflet, brochure or poster is still a strong medium to get your business seen even in today’s wired world; achieving a positive reaction takes more than a striking design.
Aries Aads has produced a range of designs for print, from corporate literature and branding, packaging, and products to support exhibitions. Even book design and press advertising is catered for. No matter what the need, the strength of the team ensures that Aries Aads’s print design will engage the readers.

Offset printing is a commonly used and simple technique that first involves the transfer of the inked image from a printing plate to a rubber blanket and then to the printing surface (either paper or board).

As one of the most advanced Design Center in Kollam, we can provide High quality for brochures, annual reports, presentations, product and art catalogs, pocket folders, posters, business cards, corporate stationery and other business documents.




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